Divine radio programming

Many times I have experienced God’s divine timing with Christian songs on the radio. One memorable instance was when I was doubting God’s very existence. A conversation with someone had left me confused and mentally spinning. Could I be so wrong? Were my experiences with God really just my imagination?

I fell to my knees before the stereo and prayed silently, deep in my heart: “You know the song I need to hear, Lord.” A song began, and it wasn’t the one I needed. But something in my heart whispered, “Wait.”

And there it was. The following song was “Yes, I believe in God” by Rebecca St. James. And it confirmed to me that this God I love is more than just my imagination. He was real, and He could step into time and space to meet me here.

Tonight, it wasn’t quite such a dramatic moment, and I almost let it disappear into the recesses of my memory without much note. But I am quickened to record more of these little moments, for of such is woven the fabric of faith. As I drove to meet with some friends, I asked for a good song to come onto the radio.

The song that came was not only good, but practical: it was the song I needed to practice for Wednesday night’s worship time. “It Is You” by the Newsboys. There was a part that I learned incorrectly (or at least differently) with my old worship team, and hearing it on the radio confirmed and clarified the proper words and timing to practice. It saved me looking it up on YouTube. And gave me a wonderful worship song to sing before meeting with my friends. Thank You, Lord!

He is truly the Lord of great miracles and small moments. And after a while, it becomes difficult to say which is the most persuasive of His displays. We are so very grateful when a life is saved, that is a huge deal. Or when He provides a good job to pay the rent. These things seem as big as life itself.

And yet… when He shows up with something little specific treat, something only I really care about or need to hear… that’s when I truly know that His eyes are on me as an individual. That He sees and hears my inner self, sometimes the part that I haven’t even given much attention. He sees, and shows up with something special, just for me. Then I know he loves me.

And it happens over and over. All the time.


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