Why the blog?

“In His Shadow” contains the spiritual ponderings of Teddi Deppner. This is where you’ll find the somewhat random thoughts of a Christian who lives “outside the box” of Christianity. Mild-mannered church-goer by Sunday, there is much inside my heart that leaps in tall bounds beyond the four walls of a church building and speeds faster than a bullet train to color outside the lines of religious traditions.

In fact, I don’t even “believe in” organized church and church buildings, although you’ll find me there most Sundays.

I share thoughts here primarily as a way to record things of significance to me and to share them with my family and dear friends. Since my “dear friends” is a list that grows all the time, I find it easiest to post these thoughts online where they can be easily read by anyone who decides they want to know more about me — or even those who stumble across it at the moment they need to hear something the most.

Although the posts here might be sporadic, you can find me any given day, as my tagline sometimes proclaims, “Daily living in the delight, refuge, and provision of the Almighty.”

Behind the Curtain–er, Blog

Facts don’t make the man, they say. And I tend to agree. I’d almost rather skip this page entirely, and if you don’t already know me, I’d let you guess about the person behind the website. Leave it a mystery. People love mysteries. You could imagine up a person in your head that would be, no doubt, more satisfying to you than the truth.

But that would undermine the whole point of this website. The truth! I’m all about the Way, the Truth and the Life we have in Jesus. So here’s the truth about me…

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Headshot 2004Teddi Deppner. Born in 1973. Female. Oldest of five kids. Raised in California.

Married (and loving it!) since 1993. A mother since 2003.

Grew up in a legalistic “Christian” church (isn’t that an oxymoron?). Found Jesus for who He really is sometime around 1995 (it’s hard to track down the exact moment of salvation when you’ve known about God all your life). Filled with the Holy Spirit since March 1997 (for those that think such things are significant). Serving my local congregation(s) as volunteer worship leader (off and on) since 1996. I give a sermon every once in a while, and speak at women’s retreats when given the chance. Sometimes director of women’s ministries.

Worked in the professional world as a technical writer, adult education teacher, web designer and project manager until 2003. Full-time homemaker and freelance artist/writer/web publisher since then.

That’s the short version. For any other information, you’ll have to email me yourself!