Delusions of grandeur and so many choices

I have always been told how smart and talented I am. I don’t say this to make anybody jealous or toot my own horn. I say it because it’s actually frustrating to have so many talents. (I know, I know. “Boo-hoo, you rich woman who has too much good stuff in your life. Now we really feel your pain. Not.”)

Where else but on my own blog can I find a safe place to admit that being “talented” can be frustrating?

Talent is overrated

From a very young age, I naturally tested high in so many things that assessments couldn’t recommend for me a career path. Several different careers seemed to have the same potential for success. I remember getting the results of that assessment and being utterly disgusted: “Well, this is no help at all!”

Like the girl in the movie “Divergent”, I wanted the test to tell me which way to go, which path to choose. But it said, “You’re divergent. You’re more than one thing.”

Art. Music. Fiction writing. Non-fiction writing. Photography. Web design. Leadership. Servanthood. Counseling. Project planning. Teaching.

I look at so many things and think, “I could do that! And I’d be great at it!”

And then I shrug and turn away. Because what’s the point if it’s not the Thing I’m Supposed To Do?

Undermining your own destiny

Some people look at their lives and see only one path forward. “I always knew God was calling me to write…” It’s their one and only great passion.

But for those of us with multiple passions, the pitfalls are many. And today I’m wrestling with this one: Analysis Paralysis. I too often look at all the options, recognize that they have equal possibilities for success, and never choose ANY of them. Going NOWHERE and accomplishing NOTHING.

I’m also wrestling with this one: Too Many Plates in the Air. Instead of choosing one thing, I tackle several at once. Starting a MILLION things and finishing NONE.

What to do?

Good question. This morning, when I started writing this, I thought I had an epiphany to record. This evening, as I sit down again to finish it, I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember whatever insight I might have had.

Which is why I usually try to write these things down. Go figure. I think it had something to do with how essential it is to receive direction from the Holy Spirit. Always a good policy.

So, I’ll keep doing what I always do: Fix my eyes on Jesus and listen for what the Holy Spirit would have me do next.

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