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Delusions of grandeur and so many choices

I have always been told how smart and talented I am. I don’t say this to make anybody jealous or toot my own horn. I say it because it’s actually frustrating to have so many talents. (I know, I know. “Boo-hoo, … Continue reading

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Every good and perfect gift

There’s a writer whose work shines with something more, something that resonates in my spirit as tapping into the same Source that I know as the Holy Spirit. I’m not saying she’s a believer (or not), just that there’s something in her that … Continue reading

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Where do we find God?

I heard someone recently talking about how God is “a desert God”. He had just visited Israel for the first time, and I’m sure that had a profound impact on his perspective. He talked about Moses encountering God in the desert. … Continue reading

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