The need to make a choice

This morning I find myself with an abundance of energy and optimism, a grace from God that truly blesses my life! The past few weeks have been…

(…And here I have a choice: repeat the words and feelings that my human nature provides, out of its long-time alliance with the devil and the world… OR capture those thoughts, bring them captive to the obedience of Christ, and viewing my experience through the lense of the Spirit and the Word…)

(…Of course, once I pause to recognize the alternatives, the correct choice is clear, and all that is left is exercising the diligence to apply it.)

The past few weeks have been a prime opportunity to exercise the faith principles I’ve learned over the past year and a half. As my body adjusts to the new life growing within it (yes, I’m pregnant), I experience physical symptoms such as muscle soreness, mild nausea and fatigue.

I have not yet found scriptures that indicate I should expect total freedom specifically from pregnancy symptoms. However, I am convinced that if I consider it an affliction, and I cry out to God, He hears me and He delivers me. I do believe that I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Jesus, who infuses inner strength into me. It certainly isn’t God’s will for me to be conquered by weariness or ill-feelings.

And truly, He has sustained me, and even now I sense the manifestation of His deliverance getting more and more full in my life. I am beginning to reap the harvest of my earlier confessions of faith. The fight isn’t over, I sense, but I appreciate the taste of victory already manifest in my body!

I look back and praise God for His grace that covered me. In faith, I took naps, praying aloud saying they were seed towards strength in my body. Although I didn’t feel up to writing much, I used the time to read and meditate.

And I declared by faith that my creativity for writing doesn’t come out of myself or my physical condition — in fact, I received a very blessed revelation. Simple, but profound to me. It is this: I have the mind of Christ. And therefore, the ability of the wisest storyteller in all of creation (and outside of it!) resides on the inside of me — and is available to me as I abide in Him!

Never again may I doubt “my” ability to fulfill the storytelling destiny He has revealed to me: for it is not my own ability at all, but His!

(Some may find it odd that I have to state the obvious to myself this way,as it is widely taught that ministry comes out of His ability, not our own. But for those of us whose ministry coincides with a natural talent, we need to constantly remind ourselves that it’s not our own talent that we are to rely upon. The most telling and profound example of this precept is that Jesus Himself said, “I can of Myself do nothing — it’s all from the Father.” Any time I’m tempted to believe that my efforts are sufficient, I think of that and am humbled.)

Of course I have my own individual contribution to this partnership. I’m still the one who puts physical hands to physical keyboard and who prays and receives the revelation by faith and records it — but I can rely on Him for the source and success of it. Praise God! In my weakness, He is strong. May all the glory for all I do go to His name alone!

What a blessing these weeks of transition are to me. What strength of faith He is developing in me, what patience in distress I am learning. How precious are these lessons, these opportunities to work muscles of faith and love for God — muscles that cannot be strengthened any other way! I jump at and reach for every little chance to grow, to use these seemingly small circumstances to create strength in the Spirit.

I could have let it go. I could have chosen to resign myself to a couple months of morning sickness. Settle down on the couch and moan and groan about the nausea.

We always have a choice.

I’m made mine, and I’m making it again daily. May you have the grace and strength to make your choice on the Lord’s side. God bless you, dear reader!

Scriptures referenced above:
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