God of this City – by Blue Tree

I love it when KLOVE plays prophetic songs. Get the sound out! Put over the radio waves the shout of the KING! Hallelujah! (yes, I get excited about these things)

Really enjoying this one lately: God of This City by Bluetree, a band from Belfast, Ireland.

They were in Pattaya, Thailand, a place called the capital of the world’s sex trade, and this song came out. Chris Tomlin heard it later and realized that it was a call to go out over EVERY city, and not only put it on his album, Hello Love, but it’s been a part of the Passion world tour, as well. May the voice and words of the Lord’s people call forth His will from heaven to earth!

And may we see GREATER THINGS in our lives, in our families, in our churches, in our cities and in our nations!

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