Jesus As King

I’ve noticed a theme in many contemporary worship songs lately: calling Jesus our “King”. Now, of course, He is our King, so it’s perfectly acceptable. It just seems odd, in our democratic society, to hear that particular title used so often. And the other thing that has surprised me about this is the emotion that rises up in me at every mention of Jesus as my King: tears come to my eyes and there is a sense of loyal, grateful longing that lodges in my throat in the lumpiest way.

Do our human hearts just yearn for a bright, shining leader in whom we can place our trust, who has proven His dedication to our well-being and who we know will never betray us? Do we deep down know that it would be amazing and awesome to have a king so loving, a king so perfect and powerful as Jesus?

I think these songs are part of a prophetic declaration ringing in the earth right now: Jesus is King, and His glory and renown will fill the earth — is filling the earth, rising up, up, up until our planet overflows with the praises and honor due our majestic, perfect sovereign Lord.

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